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Uncontested Divorce

It's good when people agree; it's even better when that agreement is put down on paper in a way that ensures the agreement will be legally enforceable in the future. Even if you and your wife have agreed to separate and can agree on the terms of divorce, it is important to make sure that you are protected. Many times it is better to be the Plaintiff and to control the action of the case, rather then being listed as the Defendant and having a duty to respond or having to wait for the other party to complete all the necessary documentation in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

At the law firm of Arnson VanTol Law, PLC, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of men during divorce. During uncontested divorce proceedings, we review divorce documents to ensure that these documents state our clients' declared wishes and protect their future interests.

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Effective Guidance for an Uncontested Divorce

As active members in ADAM, we are fully committed to ensuring men have a voice during divorce. However, this does not mean we are always aggressive. Above all, we work for you and will tailor our tactics to whatever you request. We craft legal strategies that respond to our clients' wishes; if your goal is to reach an amicable resolution, we can meet with you and explain all the issues that need to be discussed and decided by you and your spouse as well as drafting up and entering temporary orders and final Judgments in a peaceful manner.

Although a matter may appear "uncontested" initially, as a male in a divorce proceeding, you still need to be careful and should seek advice to ensure that all terms are fair and to avoid making any critical errors along the way. Sometimes a case may start as "uncontested" and then become "contested" when the parties disagree on certain issues or terms and cannot resolve the case without a court hearing. You need to be prepared in the event that this is the case and we can help protect and prepare you. If your wife has an attorney, we do not advise that you meet with him/her on your own accord or that you sign anything until you have consulted with us first. We can certainly arrange a meeting to sit down with your wife and her attorney on your behalf and resolve all the issues as quickly and as amicably as possible.

When handling uncontested divorce cases, we have two primary goals. First, we work to ensure that you have considered all potentially relevant details when outlining your plans for divorce. For example, if your wife will be keeping your house, you may need to develop a timeline for refinancing the mortgage. There may be several other details that may need to be recognized, understood and dealt with in your case.

Second, we work to ensure that the oral agreement you reach with your wife is reflected in the agreements you will sign. Ultimately, you will be bound by the terms outlined in the divorce decree - we can help you understand the terms you are accepting and make sure the documents are properly prepared with all the necessary safe guards to protect your interests. Be smart, seek competent counsel before you sign anything.

Exclusively Committed to Protecting YOUR Interests

Every attorney has a duty of loyalty to one client; your wife's lawyer has no duty of loyalty to you. For the sake of your family and your future, make sure that your interests are protected.

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