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Fathers' Rights

When it comes to family law, men are often faced with unique challenges in the legal system. If you are entering divorce, custody, paternity or other family dispute, it is important that you know your rights as a father and a husband. You also want a clear understanding of your potential obligations, before going to court.
At Arnson VanTol Law, PLC, our legal team is experienced in providing aggressive advocacy focused on fathers' rights in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Know your Rights, Protect your Future.

Know Your Options and Your Rights in Family Law

If you are a father, you can easily feel overwhelmed by the legal system in a custody or paternity case. Even more complicated cases arise when there are allegations of domestic abuse. Our Grand Rapids parental rights lawyers are dedicated to helping men navigate family law courts to best protect their rights and the best interests of their children.

Fathers' rights means that:

  • You have the right to meaningful contact with your children.
  • You have the right to be a custodial parent.
  • You have the right to fair hearings.
  • You have the right to child support set by specific guidelines.
  • You have the freedom from discrimination.
  • You have the right to be treated fairly.
  • You have the right to contest the court's decisions.

Leveling the Playing Field in Negotiations and Court

It can often seem like the cards are stacked against you in court. Whether you have already been through the legal process and feel you have been treated unfairly, or you are entering a family legal dispute for the first time, experienced, sound counsel is an asset to help you assert your rights. Sometimes it takes an informed advocate to ensure that your rights are being respected and observed in the legal process. Let us help you protect your rights as a father.

We can help you understand your options and develop a legal strategy tailored to meet your needs. Call 616-828-0216 or contact us by e-mail to schedule a confidential consultation with one of our Grand Rapids, Michigan, physical custody attorneys.

Arnson VanTol Law, PLC

As soon as you know you are facing a divorce or a criminal charge, you should seek competent counsel immediately. It may only require a quick call to an experienced lawyer at Arnson VanTol Law, PLC at (616) 827-ADAM (2326). Our attorneys focus on men's rights, and can help you determine if there are steps that you should take right away to protect your interests in any family law or criminal matter.

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