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Filing for Divorce: 4 Things A Great Attorney Must Keep In Mind

  1. Tailor the representation to the client. All cases are different and can include child custody, alimony/ spousal support, division of a business, division of a marital home, retirement assets or other important assets, child support, hidden assets, infidelity, domestic violence, many other important issues, or not.  In some cases, all these issues may be a priority, maybe none of them, or some of them.  In some cases, the client is more concerned with getting the matter over as quickly as possible, in others may be less so.  Early in the case, a great attorney asks the difficult, directed questions that are needed to determine what is important to the client so that the attorney can tailor the representation to the client. 
  2. Court analysis.  Not all courts are the same.  Kent is different from Ottawa, which is different from Kalamazoo, Allegan, Mecosta, and so forth.  What are the specific filing requirements, judicial tendencies, and Friend of the Court procedures that are going to affect the client?  A great attorney knows or will investigate what needs to be done to be successful in each particular judicial environment and will advise the client on what to expect when they have involvement with the court. 
  3. Getting the case started the right way.  Some clients need court intervention right away and need their attorney to file petitions for temporary relief and sometimes emergency relief.  Other clients do not necessarily need or want court intervention right away and need an approach that resolves their matter out of court.  A great attorney tailors the representation to their client and finds a way to start the case in a way that bests suits the client’s needs and preferences.
  4. Trial preparation.  Not every case can be settled early on because some future ex-wives are completely unreasonable or there are issues that cannot be compromised.  In those cases, the best attorneys start preparing early for trial.  Trials require a significant amount of work including strategy development and refinement and evidence gathering and reviewing.  A great attorney starts early so that strategy and evidence is ready to go and is as persuasive as possible.

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